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Since 1935 the Shamrock Restaurant and Pub feeds Beaver Island and its Visitors

The Shamrock was established in 1935.  It is the Island’s oldest food and drink establishment.  It has been the place of trials, funerals, weddings and of course some great parties.  It has been the meeting place for all for many decades. Eric & Dana Hodgson purchased the Shamrock in 1996. While working with the  previous owners, they began to introduce new items to the menu, which was just the beginning of a journey that the Hodgson’s wanted to pursue.  Each year new foods & wines from near and far were added to the menu.  In doing so the Shamrock not only became the place of fabulous cocktails, but also of excellent food choices. 


Today, the Pub and Restaurant is known all over the Great Lakes for food and events such as superb Prime Rib, one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. and by one yachting magazine the “coldest beer” on the great loop. The outdoor patio in the summer is a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike, as you look out on beautiful Paradise Bay.  We also have regular live entertainment local and imported.

Although changes have been made, things are still very much the same.  When repairs or improvements need to be done to the building requiring the place to be closed, the local people get very upset saying “Can’t you work around us? “ “We can’t believe the Shamrock is closed!”  It is at times like this that the Hodgson’s realize, that although their name may be on the property deed, they are only caretakers of an Island Institution.

Please join us in experiencing a Beaver Island Institution. 

Now also serving Brunch

on Sunday from 11am-3pm

Kitchen Open Daily

from 11:30am to 8:00pm

Shamrock Special per January 1, 2024

Breakfast 9-2 on Sat & Sun

26245 Main St., Beaver Island • (231) 448 2278